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Kid Station Welcome,


Our staff are highly experienced individuals in the area of childcare and education. We have a range of backgrounds, and a wealth of knowledge with our staff. Our staff members have a range of talents and interests that they share with the children to give every child in our care the best possible experience while with us.

Our center employs caring and compassionate individuals who truly have your child(ren) best interests at heart. Our staff members have a passion for their job, and it is truly an honor to work along side of these individuals. Many staff members have families of their own, and our community at Kid Station is a second family.


All of our staff, along with the families that we care for consider each other another type of 'family'. Our relationships are built upon mutual respect and appreciation of one another. We model this mutual respect and appreciation for the children everyday, in ever interaction. We hope that they will learn this as second nature and carry it with them in their future relationships.


Kid Station

Our Philosophy
Kids in Preschool

We believe…
➢ That children are precious and must receive care from adults who are capable and caring—whose values enable them to be excellent role models.
➢ That children should experience numerous positive learning milestones, leading to an increased sense of competence and independence.
➢ That children's play is extremely vital to healthy physical development, acceptable social skills, and cognitive growth.
➢ That teachers, drawing upon their training and experience, must create an appropriate educational environment which carefully guides children from one developmental level to another.
➢ That parents contribute to and enhance the quality of care offered at Kid Station.

Our Mission
Kids Blowing Bubbles

Kid Station was born in 2007 out of a need for quality, on-demand childcare. Our mission is to provide such care, packaged in a fun environment. Our goal is: safety first; fun follows. Our operations reflect that agenda. We also recognize that the golden rule “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” is the best way to behave inside our doors… towards the kids we care for, their parents/guardians and each other as staff. Basically, we strive to consider others in all of our actions and behaviors. When we adhere to our mission, we will be successful.

We started as just a Drop-In Center in 2007 and in 2021 we have expanded to a Childcare center. We are pleased to be able to offer both full and part-time childcare services to families in our area.

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